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9 February 2009

Announce: Bayanihan Linux 5 For Government/LIVE download!

This is the pre-release announcement for Bayanihan Linux 5 For Government.

Download BL5 For GOV here.

MD5SUM: c0c95160861948d489e2ecbf0787beb0

SHA256SUM: 92edc154273c932c54183fa101bf97c0695c0edba9723a237fb32cd0c1ef0250

Download BL5 LIVE here.

MD5SUM: 70369d2088d425c52f6945a2a7c2b2be

SHA256SUM: 9500abce13a64e1d6e569df973f0e3f36b496171b2c923e8c1df99227857e45c

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