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Advanced Science and Technology Institute

10 July 2009

Announce: Revision 1 ISOs for Bayanihan 5 available for download!

Bayanihan 5 For Government Rev1

MD5SUM: a99e1ee03fd3f822fd0a5c22bb70e9c5

SHA256SUM: 203b08bc7f11a7f2eeddff9cf554be7b793f0b7b594265efeabf6c9327b6efa1

Bayanihan 5 Desktop Rev1

MD5SUM: 7e7255b87de227852ca6c095b495f142

SHA256SUM: 4e88ff6a7e499c068e1b9bfec9d6d92d84df3f6d82f8ab9d3e9043f10e4934dd

Changes in this release:

  • Update to from 3.0 to 3.1 including default settings for Peso sign, UI language and locales.
  • Update to Mozilla FireFox.
  • Security updates to various system files.
  • Additional wireless drivers installed by default.
  • Removed Gnash.
  • Update pidgin (fixed yahoo connections).

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